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Printsome_photographic intervention

Tea break for designers: Spotlight on photographic intervention

Being a multipotentialite leads me to be a person who suffers greatly from inspirational distraction...


How to create your own authentic mood board + Free template!

A step by step guide on how to create a creative moodboard, including a whole load of vibrant examples and a free moodboard template download.


Open source and Creative Commons: Where Bananas, Superman and NASA meet

Ever wondered why everyone seems to own a Nirvana T-shirt, and why you don’t hear the Ramones talking about suing H&M for making millions selling T-shirts with their logo?

Printsome-brand naming

How to come up with an authentic name for your clothing brand

The task of finding a name for your personalised clothing brand may seem like something you could leave as an afterthought...WRONG.



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