SHIFT Fanzine

Project Type: Editorial Design
Client: Personal Project


This project unites a love of audiovisual culture with a passion for design - a fanzine called SHIFT. The idea behind the name was to create a shift in the experience of music lovers at festivals, concerts and DJ sets, to focus more on the visual culture of music.

The publication contains a dossier with visual references and tendencies which serve as inspiration for AV artists. The main section of the magazine follows a more traditional format, covering events listings, artists and photographic reportages. The pack includes confetti (made from recycled resma of other editions) to give it a unique 'party' effect.
The idea is that the magazine would be funded through promotional posters, postcards and other merchandising from festival organisers, such as Punto y Raya Festival, Mira Festival, among other national AV events and organisations.

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